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At SASO, we are obsessed with crafting flavorful foods with fresh ingredients and peppers that are fire roasted by hand.



Tangy, zesty, and a little sweet, our Classic Verde Salsa delivers everything you need to dip a chip or spice up a dish with medium heat. Crafted with a special blend of fire roasted Tomatillos, Serranos, Jalapeños, and world-famous Hatch Chiles, this salsa will take your kitchen game to the next level without the added preservatives. A versatile sauce, mix it with some avocado for the guacamole around, or enjoy it with eggs, fish, or veggies!



A savory and tangy treat for the tastebuds with medium heat, our Classic Roja Salsa takes the traditional flavor you know and love and rises above without any added preservatives. Featuring our classic blend of fire-roasted Serrano, Jalapeño, and renown Hatch Chiles, this is a solid salsa for any dipping session. Spice up your veggies, or try it with any egg, hash brown, or meat dish!

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